MEET our employees

Our employees are the heart of the organisation and the ultimate resource for successfully executing our mandate - which we are serious about. The development – and maintenance - of a skills profile that supports modern high-tech tax administration, is responsive to the evolving needs of taxpayers and traders and addresses the challenges of non-compliance is therefore a strategic priority. Over and above an opportunity to engage in challenging and meaningful work, there are a number of other compelling reasons why you should consider a career at SARS.

  • SARS is a sought-after employer amongst commerce students, according to independent research.
  • Opportunities. Opportunities… Because human resource investment is a strategic priority, performance management, training and development form part of the package. Thus the road to the top is paved.
  • SARS cares about the well-being of its employees. This is evident from the continuously improving engagement levels due to the implementation of changes identified as a result of annual employee surveys.
  • SARS creates opportunities for the youth. Our skills development pipeline, amongst others, includes a Graduate Development Programme, learnership opportunities, internships, and bursaries.
  • SARS follows a pro-active succession planning approach.
  • A leadership development programme to foster sustainability and advance quality leadership is a pillar of our people strategy.
  • SARS employees are respected for and take pride in the role they play in financing services to our people and building the country.
  • You will experience a sense of achievement through your association with this winning organisation, and not least, because
  • We offer attractive remuneration practices to attract the best and the brightest.


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