Verifying a Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC)

Please note that the old TCC application process is no longer available and there is a new enhanced TCS system which is now used to verify your Tax Compliance Status online via eFiling. The verification function depicted below will only be available for those TCCs generated from the old system, that are still in circulation. Once all of the old TCCs have expired, this functionality will no longer be available.

There are two options to verify the old Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC): 

See below for more detail on each option. 

1. How to verify a TCC via eFiling?

Top Tip: You need to use the eFiling profile of the Government Institution to verify a TCC. In each institution, there is only one eFiling profile and additional users can be added to the profile that already exists.
To verify a TCC using eFiling:
  • Log on to eFiling, the profile of the Government Institution must be used.
  • Once on the home screen click:
    • Services;
    • Tax Clearance Certificates, then
    • General Enquiry.
  • Enter the TCC Number and click Check Status.


  • The Application Details will be shown. The details must match the TCC:
    • Legal Name
    • Tax/Vat number and
    • Status of the certificate.

Top Tip: The status of the TCC must be “Active” for it to be valid.

2.    Alternatively, you can call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 SARS (7277) to verify a TCC.
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