The SARS Customs and Excise Detector Dog Unit (DDU) appointed the National Commander of the DDU on 1 July 2006 in order to establish a fully functional and operational detector dog unit within Customs and Excise. 

The appointment of two qualified specialist DDU trainers and five detector dog handlers contributed to the establishment of the first SARS Customs and Excise Detector Dog Unit to increase the non-intrusive search and detect method at ports of entry and in land operations.

The detector dog unit has since expanded its footprint to all regions within South Africa. We have twelve detector dog units with the capacity to detect illegal / illicit substances and goods hidden in all modes of transport, vessels, aircraft, containers, cargo, mail, rail, luggage and buildings.

The well trained detector dogs and handlers play a major role in protecting our borders and the community of South Africa in performing high visible search and detect operations not only at ports of entries but also on in land operations in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies.

The unit boasts with a high success track record in the prevention and detection of smuggling via our ports of entry especially in the detection of illegal narcotics, explosives, firearms, endangered species, tobacco products, currency, copper wire and lion bones.

All dogs with the exception of the explosives’ detector dogs are dual trained to detect different substances and goods, and authentic scents are used for imprinting therefor increasing productivity and capabilities.

The handlers are well trained to provide a high standard of general care for our detector dogs as a national asset with the best interest of the working dog at heart. Only the best veterinarian service is provided and dogs are groomed daily.
The DDU management assisted other customs administrations in the establishment and training of detector dogs such as Botswana Unified Revenue Administration, Customs and Mauritius Revenue Administration, Customs DDU.      


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