Current legislation and policy require specific documents to be endorsed, which could entail the completion of required fields on a form such as findings of an examination, date stamping and signing. These documents are:

i) For bonded and transit cargo:

Circumstance​ Document to be endorsed​
For goods in transit or goods moving from a warehouse facility across the South African border​ ​SAD 502 and DA 187
When bonded cargo is moved:
A) From place of entry to a warehouse;
B) Between warehouses; or
C) From a warehouse to a place of exit.​
SAD 505 and DA 187
If goods are moved from a warehouse to a destination outside the borders of South Africa​ SAD 502, SAD 505 and DA 187


ii) Examination without prejudice (EWP) for drawback purposes – After a client has requested an EWP the Branch Office in whose control area the goods are physically located will determine whether an inspection is required:

​ ​Circumstance Document to be endorsed​​
​ ​At the inland Branch Office ​If an inspection is not required The EWP application must be endorsed reflecting that an inspection was not conducted and allowing the goods as per the declaration to proceed to the place of exit.​
​If an inspection is required ​The Customs Officer attending to the EWP inspection must complete the EWP report (P1.47) relating to the inspection and endorse the EWP application with the findings.
The client must also follow the requirements for special attendance [see (iii) below].
At the place of exit​ ​ ​If no EWP inspection had been done ​No further action is required unless the cargo has been stopped and a case created.
​If an EWP inspection had been done ​The EWP application endorsed at the source office must be endorsed with the findings:
A) A verification must be conducted to ensure that seals (if they had been applied) are still intact.
B) If no seal had been applied that cargo corresponds with the declaration.


iii) Application for Special/Extra Attendance (DA 73) accepted by the Branch Office:

Circumstance​ Document to be endorsed​
Client may request a supervision to be conducted which may be in addition to any other process relating to the clearance and export of the goods​ DA 73 and any related documentation to such attendance, for example the destruction certificate requirements after destruction of goods under supervision.​ ​
Legislation in certain instances requires goods to be dealt with under supervision​


iv) Carnets:

​Circumstance Document to be endorsed​
Carnets are international instruments used to facilitate trade by minimising the need to lodge formal declarations and the associated financial burden to put security in place.​ ​Both the counterfoil and vouchers must upon completion be stamped in addition to manually completing the information to legitimise the document


v) Provisional Payments:

​Circumstance ​Document to be endorsed
DA 70 received from client​ ​Customs Officer completes the “For Official Use”, “Disposal Instructions” or “Officer’s Report” fields of the DA 70 and date stamp the form
​To see how to complete the DA 70 Manual for the Completion of the DA 70

vi) Rules of Origin stamp requirements:

​Circumstance​ Document to be endorsed
SADC certification must take place at the Customs Office in whose control area the exporter conducts his/her business, for example Beit Bridge and Lebombo​ ​The Origin certificate requires a Customs stamp


For assistance with regard to (i) to (vi) above reference can be made to:

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