Interim arrangements during the implementation of the declaration of surety lodged as a provisional payment

Implementation of the declarations of surety lodged as a provisional payment on Import declarations
The transition from manual to the electronic processing of declaration of surety / deposits lodged as a provisional payment on import declarations will be implemented over two weeks from 14 October 2016.

Please note the following interim arrangements:

As an interim arrangement SARS will allow importers, who are not ready to electronically submit their declarations and liquidation of surety / deposits lodged as a provisional payment on import declarations, to still manually submit their Provisional Payments (DA 70) at branch offices.
This interim arrangement will however only be allowed for a period of 14 days from 14 October to 29 October 2016.

Importers are therefore requested to ensure their systems and internal processes are enhanced to accommodate the new requirements for declaration of surety/deposits as a provisional payment on import declarations.
Importers who elect to make use of the current manual process of lodging any surety/deposits are requested to follow the process described below:
  • When SARS requests the submission of supporting documents on a declaration, including vouchers of correction, the provisional payments already lodged as a result of such declarations must be included as a supporting document, and
  • The importer must also submit a request on a company letterhead confirming that they elect that any surety/deposit that might be requested due to the inspection outcome, be processed via the manual lodging of a provisional payment(s).
New Process

Importers who lodge and manage any surety/deposit on the import declaration must not submit any additional supporting documents as indicated above and note the following:
  • The functionality to process a deposit to cover a possible VAT penalty regarding the underpayment of VAT on any additional/new line(s) on a trader submitted voucher of correction, will only be available with effect from 22 October 2016.

  • Any such deposits from 15 to 21 October 2016 must still be processed by using the current Provisional Payment (DA 70) process at the applicable branch office. SARS will however accept a deposit to cover a possible VAT penalty in respect of underpaid VAT on an existing line(s) of a trader initiated voucher of correction with affect from 15 October 2016.
Note that this communication will take preference over any policy published in this regard until 29 October 2016.


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