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There are a number of products/activities for which Customs traders need to obtain licences before conducting business with SARS. Each of these licences contains their own rules and regulations on how such businesses should be conducted. It should be seen as a privilege to conduct these types of functions. Licences are available for the following:
  • Clearing Agent
  • All local persons who submit declarations to Customs on behalf of other Importers and Exporters need to be licensed with SARS. Licensed clearing agent will be liable for the fulfilment of all obligations imposed on their traders.

  • Transporter/remover of Goods
  • All road cargo carriers transporting goods within the boundaries of the Republic of South Africa need to be licensed with SARS. A Transporter /Road Haulier is hired by the owner of the bonded goods to transport the bonded goods within SA. The client /owner must have a consignor bond and provide a letter to the Transporter /Road Haulier (and not a copy of the Consignor Bond).

  • Foreign Remover of Goods
  • All foreign road cargo carriers transporting goods within the boundaries and across the boundaries of the Republic of South Africa need to be licensed with SARS and appoint an SA-based agent to act on their behalf. Foreign hauliers should also apply for MPR registration as now all manifests should be electronically submitted to Customs land border offices. 

  • Remover of Goods in Bond
  • All local road cargo carriers transporting goods within the boundaries and across the boundaries of the Republic of South Africa need to be licensed with SARS. These carriers require a RIB licence with SARS as they move imported goods from one warehouse to another or out the country. A Remover of Goods in Bond is when the owner of the Bonded Goods uses their own transportation.

  • Storage Warehouse
  • It is a facility used to store goods imported for home consumption, Export and Rebate purpose which are subject to Customs duties. The intention is to delay the payment of duty applicable at the time of importation. Goods will be stored until such time as a need arises whereby an ex-warehouse entry will be passed and duties and VAT will be accounted for. Such facilities must be licensed with Customs and Excise and the goods must be stored for a period no longer than two years. 

  • Special Storage Warehouse
  • Any person who intends storing non-dutiable goods (VAT only) for a period of no longer than six months must apply for a special customs and excise storage warehouse licence. This is a warehouse for export purposes only. 

  • Special Manufacturing Warehouse (SVM)
  • An SVM is a manufacturing warehouse, operated by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), that holds both rebated and non-rebated goods. You need to apply for a license to use an SVM
For enquiries on processing of licensing applications, you can contact:
Bashani Naidoo on bnaidoo@sars.gov.za, Tel no: 011-862 6008 or
Katlego Setlhalogile on ksetlhalogile@sars.gov.za, Tel no: 011-862 5285.
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 Top FAQs

Licensing - Can alterations be made to a Manufacturing Warehouse after it has been licensed?
Yes but these must be applied for and approved by Customs and would be treated in the same mannger as a new application. Refer to SC-CF-19

What are the duties of a license holder for a Manufacturing Warehouse?
The Customs client number must be: i) Quoted in all communications to SARS or any other organ of state and reflected on all prescribed documents for transacting Customs business.

What are the steps Customs follows when processing an application for licensing of a Manufacturing Warehouse?
All applications for a licence shall be submitted to the enquiry counter. The Enquiry Officer shall send the document(s) to the Admin Officer for recording on the register (see SC-GP-06).

What information will appear on a license issued for a Manufacturing Warehouse?
The licence shall be issued in the name of the applicant. Alteration may not be effected on a licence document. If mistakes occur during completion of the form,

What is the procedure if cancellation of a Manufacturing Warehouse is initiated by SARS?
Where the licence is to be cancelled, the holder will be advised in writing on SC-CF-05-A08 by the relevant Branch Office.