EDI Registration

If you are a first-time EDI applicant or if you are an existing EDI client who wishes to use the Internet to transfer data, read the following document: PKI application procedure - Client.

Before completing any forms, you need to contact a service provider to obtain the necessary software. Once that is completed, the following application forms need to be filled in.
EDI applicants using an Internet sender address must present themselves with their ID book, application forms and relevant supporting documents to the nearest Customs Office or SARS Head Office to:
The EDI Business Administrator
Walker Creek Office Park
90 Florence Ribeiro Avenue (corner of Florence Ribeiro Avenue & Totius Street)
Nieuw Muckleneuk
Pretoria. 0181
Tel. number: 012-422 6981/5087
Clients using the X. 400 sender address can forward their application forms and relevant supporting documents directly to the EDI Administrator at the above address.

How long is the registration valid?

The registration validity period is indefinite.

What is the cost of registration?

No cost required.

Turnaround time

The turnaround time for EDI registrations is approximately seven (7) working days.
To access the EDI Bulletin Board, please click here.
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 Top FAQs

I’m an Importer and I need to get an EDI profile to allow my Registered Agent to use my deferment account. How do I apply?
Speak to your Clearing Agent to assist you in the process and ensure you are completing the forms with the Clearing Agent details as required.

What is the EDI system?
EDI means ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE. The EDI system is where electronic data is forwarded via the new declaration system.