How to register as a local Exporter?

  • Complete the required application form and relevant annexure(s).
  • Submit all supporting documents as prescribed on the application forms.

Which forms are required for registration as a local Exporter?

Forms to complete to apply for Exporter registration under Preferential Trade Agreements




And these are the forms needed to be an approved Exporter in TDCA & SACU-EFTA

Where do we send  the forms?

Application forms must be submitted to the nearest Customs and Excise office.

How long is the registration valid?

The registration validity period is indefinite.

What is the cost of registration?

No cost required.

How long does it take for approval?

The turnaround time for Exporter registrations is approximately 10 working days.


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 Top FAQs

What is the procedure to register as an exporter?
The prospective exporter must complete forms A185, DA185.4A2 Application for registering as an Exporter - and forward it to the relevant Customs Offices where a Customs and Excise code will be allocated to the client.

What are the requirements when information provided at the time of Registration as an Importer and/or Exporter changes?
Whenever any of the particulars furnished in any application for registration changes, the registrant must advise the Controller / Branch Manager within seven (7)

What happens when a Registration as an Importer and/or Exporter has been suspended?
All suspensions must be processed by the LRCC. The suspension of the foreigner waiting for approved nominations of registered agents is excluded as these will be automatically lifted once nominations received and approved.

What is the procedure if cancellation of a Registration as an Importer and/or Exporter is initiated by the registrant?
Client must submit a cancellation request on a DA 185 to the relevant Branch Office / Hub. - Branch Offices / Hubs must finalise voluntary cancellation of registration

Who re-instates a Registration as an Importer and/or Exporter?
All requests for licence / registration reinstatements must be forwarded to the LRCC for approval. The Branch Office / Hub may not approve these. If the LRCC is satisfied that the reason(s) for the suspension