REGISTRATION FOR THE manifest processing System (mpr)

Registration is a two-step process:

Application for Registration as a user on the MPR system:

Note: All references to 'MAS' on the below forms must please be regarded as 'MPR'. The necessary amendments will be made to the forms in due course.

Sea Cargo  

Applicants must complete the DA 8 and any applicable Annexure(s).

Air Cargo

Applicants must complete the DA 8A and any applicable Annexure(s).

Rail Cargo

Applicants must complete the DA 8B and the DA8B.01 

Road Cargo

Applicants must complete the DA 8C and the DA8C.01. 

How do I apply for exemption from the requirement to submit paper manifests? 

Compliant shipping lines and airlines may apply for exemption from the requirement to submit paper manifests as of 1 October 2016 as set out in Customs document “Manifests - External Standard (SC-CC-38)”


All applications for registration and exemption must be:-
  • Made in accordance with the requirements of the respective policies, otherwise the applications will be rejected.

  • Physically submitted or couriered for the attention of Mrs Nkhensane Legodi to the following address:

Customs Trader Management - SARS Head Office

Block D, Ground floor, Lehae La SARS,

299 Bronkhorst Street,

Nieuw Muckleneuk,


Contact person: Mrs Nkhensane Legodi

Contact number: 012 422 8388

Email address:

All applications for registration and exemption to submit paper manifests have a turnaround time of 5 (five) working days.

How do I register for electronic communication with SARS?

Click here for more on registration for EDI.


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 Top FAQs

Can a carrier use our carrier code without being included in our 8C01 form? If no, what do we do with people taking their goods through the border in their pickup trucks, in other words these are not commercial carriers?
No. All carriers must register and utilise their own codes. You may not utilise another carrier(s) code. Travellers / Individuals for own use are covered under Section 15

Is it mandatory to make use of MPR?
No, it is not mandatory at the time of implementation, but road hauliers are urged to register in order to benefit from the trade facilitation measures offered by the new solution.

Will the manual channel still be available?
Yes, MPR only replaces the previous ACM electronic solution.

I am currently registered for ACM, must I re-register for MPR?
No, current ACM registrations are automatically carried over to MPR.

I am a foreign road haulier, how do I register for MPR?
You need to appoint a South African registered agent who will register on your behalf and we will then provide you with an MPR road haulier code.