Change my banking details

If you need to change your banking details you can do it:
  • In person at any SARS branch if you're not registered with eFiling, or
  • When completing and submitting your Income Tax Return for Individuals (ITR12).
You can submit your ITR12 via one of the following channels:
Please note that in order to use eFiling you have to be registered ( and that using this option to change your banking details could result in SARS asking you to visit a branch to verify the information you supplied.
To protect taxpayers against fraud, any changes that you make to your banking details will be verified by SARS before updating your banking profile. Any refunds due to you (if applicable) will be processed after your banking details have been verified.
To change you banking details you will need the following relevant material:
  • A valid original or a temporary identity document/passport/driver’s licence and a certified copy thereof
  • A copy of the bank statement with original bank stamp or ABSA eStamped statement not more than three months old that confirms the account holder's legal name, account number, account type and branch code where applicable; or in the case and only based on exception where the taxpayer opened a new bank account and cannot produce a bank statement, an original letter from the bank on the bank letterhead with the original bank stamp confirming the account holder’s legal name, account number, account type, branch code and reflecting the date the bank account was opened.
  • A copy of the proof of residential address.

A SARS branch is the preferred channel as it enables the SARS staff to –

  • Verify the person requesting the change of banking details is authorised to do so
  • Review the relevant material in order to eliminate fraud
  • Streamline the process.

See the guide below to assist you to change your banking details.

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 Top FAQs

Can I change my banking details on the ITR12?
Yes, banking details can be changed on the ITR12. Any changes to banking details will be verified by SARS before it is updated on

Can I appoint someone to change banking details on my behalf?
Yes, but only for exceptional cases provided that the relevant material is presented.

Will my banking details be captured upon my registration as a taxpayer or re-activation of my tax number?
No. Banking details can only be updated when submitting an Income Tax Return (ITR12) or when requesting the change of banking

Which certified copies of ID/passports/driving licence are acceptable?
Only copies certified by authorised persons bearing the “Commissioner of Oaths” stamp are acceptable.

What happens if I do not have a local bank account?
If you not have a local bank account you need to do the following on the ITR12 :- Select the field for ‘Mark here if you do not have a local savings or cheque account’