I need help with my tax

Help-You-eFile on the SARS eFiling website allows you, the taxpayer, to ask a SARS agent to share your view of the eFiling screen on your personal computer.
You have the support and advice of our staff without having to visit a SARS branch. You can even ask a SARS agent to call you back.

You can start a Help-You-eFile session by clicking on the Help-You-eFile icon on the SARS eFiling login page or after you’ve successfully logged on to the SARS eFiling website.

Want to know when to submit your tax?

See our Tax Calendar which provides a guide to taxpayers about the key deadlines.

How exactly does Income Tax work?

Income tax is the normal tax which is paid on your taxable income.

You are liable to pay income tax if you earn more than the tax threshold for the applicable year of assessment. See the latest tax rates.

Where taxpayers receive remuneration which is less than R250 000, they may elect not to submit an income tax return, provided the following criteria are met:

  • Their remuneration is from a single employer;
  • Their remuneration is for a full year of assessment (1 March – 28/29 February);
  • No allowance was paid, from which employees’ tax was not fully deducted;
  • No further deductions need to be claimed or income declared.
For more information on personal income tax, the tax tables, how to ensure compliance, how to submit, the necessary documentation, when to submit and more, click here.

Want to learn about tax?

Free tax education workshops are presented at most SARS branches across the country by the Branch Operations Engagement team. These workshops cover a wide range of topics and are presented on a regular basis.  The aim is to provide taxpayers with information that would create a basic understanding of the various tax types, how these taxes work and what is expected of taxpayers in order to be tax compliant at all times. We also have mobile units across the country, for more information on tax workshops and mobile services, click here.

If you want to know how to get your tax number, what to do if you forgot your  eFiling password, how to download the travel e-logbook, how medical credits work, more about income from two sources , how individual deductions work, how to change your banking details, how to get a tax directive or tax clearance certificate and more click here.

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