Relevant Material (Supporting Documents)

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Relevant material (supporting documents) may differ or additional documents may be needed. When we say a document must be recent, we mean three months or less.

Top Tip: Remember if you are submitting your relevant material via eFiling, there are certain standards which must be met, click here for more information.

If you want to know how to upload supporting documents to eFiling, click here.

Important: When registering for the first time make sure all supporting documents (relevant material) needed (e.g. Registration, Address and Banking Details) are available. We won't be able to register you unless all the documents are received.

The table below provides a list of documents that will be accepted by SARS as proof of residential or business address.

Top Tip: The document must clearly show the taxpayers name (either initials and surname or first names(s) and surname) and the physical address.

Document description​ ​Validity period
​1.1 ​Utility account i.e. rates and taxes, water or electricity account ​Less than 3 months old
​1.2 ​Educational Institution account ​Less than 3 months old
​1.3 ​Co-op statement (for farmers) ​​Less than 3 months old
​1.4 ​Medical aid statement ​​Less than 3 months old
​1.5 ​Mortgage statement from mortgage lender ​​Less than 6 months old
​1.6 ​Telephone account (All networks) ​​Less than 3 months old
1.7​ ​e-Toll account ​Less than 3 months old
​1.8 ​SABC television licence ​Less than 1 year old
1.9 ​Retail accounts (e.g. Woolworths, Edgars, etc.) ​Less than 3 months old
​2.1 ​Motor vehicle licence documents ​Less than 1 year old
​2.2 ​Court order ​​Less than 3 months old
​2.3 ​Subpoena ​​Less than 3 months old
​2.4 ​Traffic fine ​​Less than 3 months old
​2.5 ​Documentation relating to UIF or pension pay-out ​​Less than 3 months old
​3.1 ​Life assurance document ​​Less than 1 year old
​3.2 ​Short-term insurance document ​​Less than 1 year old
​3.3 ​Health insurance document ​​Less than 1 year old
​3.4 ​Funeral policy document ​​Less than 1 year old
​3.5 ​Investment statement from share, portfolio or unit trust ​​Less than 1 year old
​4.1 ​Current and valid agreement


The Confirmation of Entity Residential/Business Address form (CRA01) must be filled in:

  • Where proof of residence is in the name of a third party (e.g. in someone other than the taxpayer name) the CRA01 must be filled in. Please note that proof of address of the third party must be attached to the CRA01.

  • A letter or the CRA01 must be filled by the Chief or Councillor if a taxpayer lives in an area where municipal account aren't issued. The taxpayer must get a letter from the Councillor in the area they live in. The Chief or Councillor doesn't need to provide proof of residence or ID if the letter or CRA01 is for a third party. 

  • If an entity has only one director/member that is also the representative taxpayer and the business is trading from the representative taxpayer’s address, proof of residential address is needed. Where there is more than one member/director and the business is trading from one of the member/director’s addresses, the CRA01 needs to be filled in by another members/directors.   

  • Here is the form: CRA01. Remember certain mandatory information must be filled in before you will be able to print the form.


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