​Appointment request

Dear Tax Practitioner / Government Representative

Tax Practitioners and  government representatives can contact SARS by scheduling an appointment.
While completing the form,  select the relevant branch in the dropdown under ‘Desired branch of service’. A confirmation of the appointment will be sent to you shortly via email. If you are a Tax Practitioner, please select “Company” on the “Type of Entity” drop-down selection. 

What do you need to know when making an appointment with a SARS consultant?

  • Scheduling recurring appointments (block bookings) is not allowed
  • If you do not have a scheduled appointment, you will be required to join the dedicated queue in the SARS branch
  • Appointments that cannot be honoured should be cancelled at least one to three days (preferred) prior to the appointment
  • You will be assisted by the next available SARS consultant and will not be able to request assistance from a specific consultant
  • Regardless of the type and number of queries, you may not exceed the agreed duration of the appointment
  • Please Note: After you have added your client's details, please click on "ADD CLIENT" to add them to the appointment request.
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