If the populated information is incorrect on my ITR12 return, how do I correct this?

For manual completion:

If the populated information is incorrect, you can change any populated information by:

  • Using a black pen to write over the information printed in pink
  • Use capital letters
  • Keep your writing within the spaces provided
  • Do not worry if some of the pink lettering is still displayed where the correction in black has been made. SARS will ignore the pink populated information if it has been written over in black.
  • If you have made a mistake in completing a field, do not correct it by completing the correct information outside the field, or making notes in the margin, as all this information will not be considered as valid and won’t be taken into account in the calculation of the assessment.
  • Overwrite the word or number in full, i.e. do not change only one letter of a name or one digit of a number, but re-write the full name or number in full.
  • If you have to delete populated information that is no longer applicable, do so by putting a horizontal line through the middle of the incorrect characters in the field.

For eFiling or online completion at a SARS branch:

  • You or the SARS branch agent must delete the incorrect information and retype the correct information, or
  • Type over the incorrect information
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