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How do I get to the Income Tax Work Page to see my Income Tax Return (ITR12)?

If your ITR12 return has been issued, it will appear on the Income Tax Work Page.

Follow these five easy steps:

Step 1: Log onto eFiling.

Step 2: Verify whether your profile has been activated for ’Individual Income Tax’.  To do this, click on Home > User > Tax Types:
Income Tax work page 1.jpg
Step 3: Click on Returns > Returns  History > Personal  Income Tax (ITR12):
Income Tax work page 2.jpg

Step 4: A list of returns for the relevant years will appear, click ‘Open’:
Income Tax work page 3.jpg

Step 5:
Click on the ‘Refresh Data’ button to ensure that your return is pre-populated with your most recent IRP5/Medical/Retirement Annuity and address data, that your employer/Medical Aid/Pension fund has supplied to SARS:
Income tax work page 4.jpg



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