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Seriously creative

When people talk about the taxman it is either in jest or with dread.  Everybody knows that you cannot escape death … nor taxes. And both are a bit bewildering.
Renowned physicist Albert Einstein apparently quipped: "The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax”.  So you are in good company if you sigh just by the thought of tax!  The Beatles put music to their thoughts and had a hit with the song “The Taxman” in 1966: “Let me tell you how it will be, there’s one for you, nineteen for me, cause I’m the Taxman”.
The conundrum that faces the SARS marketing team daily is how to package this perplexing and dreaded topic of tax in a comprehensible and appealing way. How do we attract taxpayers rather than scare them away? How do we get across to taxpayers what their responsibilities and obligations are in a way that is easy to understand?
The answer is simple: have fun and enjoy the challenge. We put on our mad caps, put ourselves in the shoes of taxpayers and try to get the nation talking, thinking and sometimes even chuckling.

Touching lives

Our “touching lives” campaign features stories of how taxpayers’ money is touching the lives of ordinary people and uplifting them to do extraordinary things. The impossible becomes possible – all because people pay their taxes.

Everyone can be good at tax

With our “everyone can be good at tax” campaign you too can go from ZERO to HERO with our fun and easy to follow SARS eFiling tutorials. Let Riaan show you how it is done at SARSTAX on youtube. Yes, we too can be quirky and have some fun with tax.

Take the “eish” out of tax-eish-ion

Who will forget the 2011 Tax Season campaign? SARS added new word to the South African tax lexicon: tax{eish}ion. SARS announced that taxpayers could take the “eish” out of tax-eish-ion, meaning that they can eliminate the frustration they may experience when filing their annual income tax returns, by taking a few easy steps.  “Eish” still brings a smile to many a face …

Voluntary disclosure programme

The voluntary disclosure programme in 2011 was also packaged in a way that was inviting rather than threatening. Taxpayers who had tax liabilities prior to 17 February 2010 that they had not disclosed were invited to rid themselves of the skeletons in their closets ahead of the deadline which happened to fall on Halloween! Those suffering from tax default stress were offered a general cure that gives relief from tax interest, penalties and prosecution. Not even those taking the swift Gautrain could escape the message – the billboards were some of the first on station platforms.

The team

The people behind these campaigns are a couple of suits, a graphic design and production team, a few marketing people and a small web team –all of whom are passionate about tax compliance, South Africa and SARS!
Our mission: Get everyone to love paying tax! (OK, so we can dream too can’t we!)
For status updates on our campaigns, visit the SARS Facebook page or the SARS YouTube channel for all our latest television advertisements and tutorials.
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