Is it mandatory to make use of MPR?
No, it is not mandatory at the time of implementation, but road hauliers are urged to register in order to benefit from the trade facilitation measures offered by the new solution.

Will the manual channel still be available?
Yes, MPR only replaces the previous ACM electronic solution.

I am currently registered for ACM, must I re-register for MPR?
No, current ACM registrations are automatically carried over to MPR.

I am a foreign road haulier, how do I register for MPR?
You need to appoint a South African registered agent who will register on your behalf and we will then provide you with an MPR road haulier code.

Where can I find information on registration?
You can find the necessary information and forms on the following SARS webpage:SARS Home > Client Segments > Customs and Excise > Processing > Pre-assessment > Registration > Registration of MPR