All Forms
EMP102e - Application for Separate Registration of Business or Branch (Form)

EMP101e - Application for Registration PAYE SDL UIF (Form)

TT03 - Turnover Tax Return - External (Form)

GEN-001 - Mining Schedule - External (Form)

IT77 - Application for Registration as a Taxpayer or Changing of Registered Particulars Individual - External (Form)

MPR3 - Return of Royalty - External (Form)

MPR2 - Payment Advice for Mineral and Petroleum Resources Payments - External (Form)

IT44 - Extract of Income - External (Form)

DA 185 4B1 - Licensing of Special Manufacturing Warehouse - External (Form)

DA 185 4A6 - Registration for Electronic Communication - External (Form)

DA 185 4A1 - Registration for Importer - External (Form)

ADR2 - Notice of Appeal for Trusts and Other Taxes - External (Form)

ADR1 - Notice of Objection for Trusts and Other Taxes - External (Form)

DL 163B - Import Credit - External (Form)

DL 163A - Total Export Value - External (Form)

DL 163 - Diamond Export Levy Return - External (Form)

IT3(b) - Certificate of Income Investments Property Rights and Royalties - External (Form)

VAT119i - Indemnity iro VAT Act Bank Details - External (Form)

IT56 - Return for Secondary Tax on Companies STC - External (Form)

ASPOA - Authority on Special Power of Attorney by Tax Practitioner - External (Form)

IT10B - Controlled Foreign Company 2012 Onward - External (Form)

IT10A - Controlled Foreign Company Prior 2012 - External (Form)

IT77(C) - Application for Registration as a Company or Change of Particulars Company - External (Form)

VAT301 - Application for VAT Rulings - External (Form)

DA 304A - Motor vehicle declaration on permanent change of residence - External (Form)

RTP001 - Reporting of a Tax Practitioner - External (Form)

IRP30A - Application for and Exemption Certificate iro Employee Tax - External (Form)

PAYE-BO-SOP01-L03 - Application for Determination of Residential Benefit Value - EMPRB External (Form)

DA199.24 - OECs From SACU Destroyed Under Customs Supervision - External Account

DA199.23 - OECs From SACU Used in Manufacture of Vehicles and Exported This Quarter - External Account

DA199.22 - OCEs Received From SACU Used In Manufacture of OECs and Exported This Quarter - External Account

DA199.21 - OECs Received From SACU - External Account

DA199.20 - OECs Destroyed Under Customs Supervision This Quarter - External Account

DA199.18 - Imported OECs Destroyed Under Customs Supervision This Quarter - External Account

DA199.17 - Imported OECs Used In Manufacture Of Vehicles exported This Quarter - External Account

DA199.16 - OECs Transferred To Parts And Accessories This Quarter - External Account

DA199.15 - OEC Returned To Overseas Supplier This Quarter - External Account

DA199.14 - OECs Used The Manufacture of OECs Exported This Quarter - External Account

DA199.12 - Value of Imported OECs Cleared Under 'Processing For Home Use' Code - External Account

DA199.10 - Customs Duty Value and Additional VAT on Imported OECs - External Account

DA199.06B - The Value of IRCCs Utilised This Quarter - External Account

DA199.06A - Value of PRCCs Utilised This Quarter - External Account

DA199.04B - VAA iro Vehicles Produced and Exported Outside SACU - External Account

DA199.04A - VAA iro Vehicles Produced and Ready for SACU Market This Quarter - External Account

DA199.03 - VAA Used This Quarter,Excess Carried Forward to Next Quarter - External Account

DA199.02A - DFA Allocated to Vehicles on Production Exported This Quarter - External Account

DA199.02 - VAA On Produced Vehicles for Sale This Quarter - External Account

DA199.01 - Calculation of Value in Terms of Rebate item 317.03 - External Account

DA199 - Customs Account for The Purpose of Rebate Item 317.03 - External Account

DA199A - Amended APDP Account - External (Form)

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Completion of DA 63

Completion of DA 64

Completion of DA 66

CCA Gate Controls

Duty and Tax Free Shops

Completion of DA 8C Road Cargo

Invoice Requirements for Customs

Completion of DA 8B Rail Cargo

Completion of DA 8A Air Cargo

Completion of DA 8 Sea Cargo

Provisional Payment

Clearance of Goods Qualifying for Rebate

Use of Non Designated Ports

Dangerous Goods



Alternative Dispute Resolution

Internal Administrative Appeal

Securities Transfer Tax

Administration of eFiling Access Rights for Practitioners

Completion of DA 160

Removal of Goods

ATA Carnet

Supplies to Craft

Invoice Declarations

Preferential Rules of Origin

Rebate Item 470 03

Completion of Traveller Card

International Mail

Clearance of Continuous Transmission Commodities

Samples of No Commercial Value

How to report suspected non compliance to SARS

Guide on Account payment process

Traveller Leaflet Airports harbours English

Comprehensive Guide to Capital Gains Tax

The ABC of Capital Gains Tax for Companies

The ABC of Capital Gains Tax for Individuals

Travellers Guide

VAT 413 Deceased Estates

VAT 404 Guide for Vendors

Guide on Dispute of a Tax Assessment

Quick Guide on Alternative Dispute Resolution

Tax Guide for Small Businesses

Guide on Income Tax and the Individual

Manual on the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2000

Tax Exemption Guide for Public Benefit Organisations in South Africa

Tax Guide for Share Owners

Transfer Duty Guide

Third Party Appointment AA88 e@syFile™ Employer User Guide

Guide to the Urban Development Zone Tax Incentive

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