LIST OF sars efiling FORMS

The following list of forms are only available via eFiling or at a SARS branch:

  • CEB01 - Customs and Excise Billing Declaration

  • DTR01 – Information to record your Dividends Tax Transaction(s)

  • DTR02 – Dividends Tax Return

  • EMP201 – Monthly Employer Declaration

  • EMP501 - Employer Reconciliation Declaration

  • EMP601 - Tax Certificate Cancellation Declaration

  • EMP701 - Reconciliation Declaration Adjustment (only applicable for adjustments made between 1999 - 2008)
  • IRP6 – Return for Payment of Provisional Tax

  • IT12EI – Return of Income Exempt Organisation (Available for download)

  • IT14SD – Company Income Tax Supplementary Declaration

  • ITA34 – Notice of Assessment

  • ITR12 – Income Tax Return for Individuals

  • ITR14 – Income Tax Return for Companies

  • NOO – Notice of Objection

  • NOA – Notice of Appeal

  • RAV01 – Registration, Amendment and Verification Form

  • TDC01- Transfer Duty Declaration

  • VAT201 – Vendor Declaration

  • VDP01 – Voluntary Disclosure Application Form

  • WT002 - Return for Withholding Tax on Interest

The above forms aren't available on this website for downloading in PDF format. excluding IT12EI. They are ONLY available electronically via eFiling or at a SARS branch.

In other words, to get a copy of these forms, you will need to:

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