All Forms
MPR3 - Return of Royalty - External (Form)

IT44 - Extract of Income - External (Form)

IT3(b) - Certificate of Income Investments Property Rights and Royalties - External (Form)

IRP3(c) - Application for Tax Directive Fixed Amount - External (Form)

IRP3(b) - Application for Tax Directive Fixed Percentage - External (Form)

VAT215 - Declaration in respect of Imported Services - External (Form)

WTR01 - Return for Withholding Tax on Royalties - External (Form)

TPPOA - Special Power of Attorney to Tax Practitioner - External (Form)

VAT102 - Application for separate registration VAT - External form

VAT101 - Value Added Tax Registration Application - External form

IT77C - Application for registration Company - External form

IRP3(pa) - Application for Tax Directive Freelance Artist - External (Form)

MPR1 - Mineral and Petroleum Resources Royalty Application (Form)

IT3(e) - Return of Purchases Sales or Shipments - External (Form)

IT3(c) - Certificate of Income re Disposal of Unit Trusts or other Financial Instruments - External (Form)

EMP128 - Confirmation of Partnership - External (Form)

REV16 - Claim for Refund out of Revenue - External (Form)

IT180 - Declaration by Employer to Claim Deduction against Learnerships - External (Form)

RA01 - Reporting Reportable Arrangements - External (Form)

RC02 - Application for Certificate of Residence for Persons other than Individuals - External (Form)

SPPOA - Special Power of Attorney - External (Form)

ASPOA - Authority on Special Power of Attorney by Tax Practitioner - External (Form)

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