​How SARS is fighting tax non compliance

SARS in fighting tax crime on many fronts. In April 2012 we launched to the public our Compliance Programme.

We announced seven priority areas where we will improve compliance

  • Wealthy South Africans and their Trusts
  • Large Businesses and Transfer Pricing
  • Construction sector : Government Tenders
  • Illicit cigarettes
  • Clothing and textiles : Undervalued imports
  • Tax Practitioners and the need to improve their own trade compliance
  • Small business where we SARS need to reduce the cost of compliance

There are other areas of focus such as

  • Organized tax and customs evasion schemes found within legitimate businesses as well as illegitimate ventures
  • “Corporate theft” e.g. persons within businesses that steal and defraud the shareholders and investors?
  • Investor Fraud associated with share dealings, property, evaluations
  • Schemes aimed at abusing the trust of ordinary citizens through investments e.g. pyramid schemes
  • Fraud associated with procurement and tenders; government incentive schemes
  • Taxi industry and the crimes associated with certain persons in this area

Plus with the wider illicit economy

  • Illegal drugs
  • Smuggling and counterfeit activities
  • Alcohol (illegal mixing and smuggling)
  • Illicit vehicles (stolen/hi-jacking/round-trips/smuggled)
  • Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) e.g. Rhino horn and Abalone
  • Illegal activities associated with arms, explosives, terror, mercenaries
  • Fraud against the banking system (stolen cheques and false credit cards)
  • Illicit precious metal/stones dealing

Attitudes to compliance are shaped by a multitude of factors, such as social, psychological, economic and business environments. Attitudes take time to change but change them we will. Some taxpayers don’t regard the tax system as fair and view non-compliance or tax crime as a way of simply balancing the scales in their favour.

If you would like to read the full report please click here
If you would like to report non-compliance then please use our online form.

So help us to fight tax crime in South Africa.
When they’re not paying their taxes its South Africa that suffers

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