How to complete the banking account HOLDER DECLARATION

  • Select one of the options to declare the type of account used:

    • I use South African bank accounts
    • I use a South African bank account of a 3rd party
    • I declare that I have no South African bank account.

  • If you declare that you don't have a local bank account or the banking details belong to a 3rd party, select the reason under “Reason for No Local/3rd Party Bank Account:

    • Non-resident without a local bank account -  in the case of non-resident
    • Insolvency/Curatorship – in the case of estate
    • Deceased Estate
    • Shared Account - in the case of a joint account
    • Income below tax threshold/Impractical
    • Statutory restrictions – select in the case of imprisoned, incapacitated or terminally ill taxpayer
    • Minor child

Top Tip: It's important that the option “I declare that I have no South African bank account” isn't selected just to avoid updating banking details, so that the ITR12 can be submitted. An incorrect declaration can result in the taxpayer being liable for an administrative penalty. See Change of banking details for more information. 

If you submit your ITR12 at the SARS branch and also need to update your banking details, make sure that you bring along the required relevant material (supporting documents).

Bank detail changes:

Your banking details will be pre-populated as follows:

  • Bank account status
    • The field will be pre-populated with “active or inactive” to show the status of the banking details on SARS' records
    • Complete the correct banking details if the pre-populated information have changed.

  • Account Number
    • For eFiling submissions: The bank account number will be displayed in full.
    • For SARS branch/postal submissions:  Only the last four digits of your bank account number will be shown on the ITR12 e.g. ‘XXXXXX2345. If the last four digits don't correspond with your bank account number, you will need to correct your banking details. 

Top Tip: SARS has chosen to protect critical taxpayer information about banking details in order to guard against fraud.

  • Branch Name and Number
  • Account Type

  • Bank name 

  • Account holder name: Complete the name as registered at the bank.

  • If your bank name is not listed, select “other” and complete all the necessary fields.

  • Without accurate banking details SARS can't pay you a refund, if applicable. To avoid fraud and theft, SARS only pays refunds electronically into verified cheque or transmission/savings bank accounts held in the name of the taxpayer in a registered South African financial institution. SARS will only pay refund into an account of a third party in exceptional case. For a list of exceptional cases, see Change of Banking Details for Personal Income Tax.

Top Tips: Tax Practitioner’s banking details may not be used as the taxpayer’s banking details.

Banking details are mandatory. If you don't have a local savings, transmission or cheque bank account, show this by placing an “X” next to the field.

  • If you have a local savings, transmission or cheque account, complete the relevant fields.
    • If neither the tick box nor banking details are completed, the return will be sent back to you as incomplete.

Top Tip: Only one of the above must be completed.

  • If you make a mistake and you are filing a manual return you must request a new return. However taxpayers who file electronically can make corrections electronically. It's for this reason that we encourage taxpayers to file using eFiling.

Top Tip: You may be asked to visit your nearest SARS branch in person, where you have requested banking detail changes to be made.

  • Banking detail changes can't be made by:
    • E-mail
    • Fax
    • Post and
    • The SARS Contact Centre.

  • Agreement Statement – where you don't mark the box with an “X”, the ITR12 will be sent back to you as incomplete.
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