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This glossary describes some of the terms used on the SARS website. While every effort has … treatment of packings for valuation purposes 3. General Rule 5 (b) for the Interpretation of …
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General Feeds …  Discontinuation of Debit Pull Transactions on eFiling … New Tax Return for Trust Now Available … The SARS website has been updated with the latest … Need a Power of Attorney? …
 Date: 01/07/2015 Size: 94KB

Foreword 2 FOREWORD This guide is a general guide concerning the application of the VAT Act … only and does not constitute a binding general ruling as contemplated in Chapter 7 of the TA …
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intended to be used by stakeholders for legal matters only, e.g. a Power of Attorney form. … Legal & Policy area, please make use of the general SARS Find a Form tool (e.g. for customs …
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How Do I Declare Estate Duty … How do I report a deceased … Power of attorney (if applicable). … In general the executor of the deceased estate is liable to pay the estate duty. However, as …
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This glossary describes some of the terms used on the SARS website. While every effort has been made to present accurate and up-to-date definitions, this glossary should be used as an …
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Top Tip: Remember if you are submitting your … Power of Attorney, only on the first visit. Once registered on the SARS system, a power of attorney will not be required. … ​GENERAL ACCOUNTS: …
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tax PRACTITIONER CONNECT (issue 2 - Nov 2015) … Welcome to the latest edition of the Tax Practitioner's Connect, the electronic newsletter for tax practitioners that keeps you up to date …
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The “Authority on Special Power of Attorney by Tax Practitioner” to the staff member is NOT … persons will be accepted (e.g. Attorneys, South African Post Office, South African Police …
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Welcome to the latest edition of VAT Connect, the electronic newsletter for vendors that keeps you up to date with the tax matters that affect you. … To read our newsletter below, click …
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Products SupportBranch OfficeContact Centre … where the Representative vendor will be performing the duties of a vendor.  The Power of Attorney will not be accepted for signatories or …
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SC-DT-B-02 - Deferments - External Standard … of an importer they need to obtain a power of attorney and provide Customs with a copy of such …
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IndividualsLarge BusinessesSmall BusinessesTax PractitionersVendors … an applicant, must be accompanied by a SARS Power of Attorney (available on the SARS website). In addition to …
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Capital Gains TaxDividends TaxDonations TaxEstate DutyIncome TaxMineral and Petroleum Resource RoyaltiesPay As You EarnProvisional TaxSecondary Tax on CompaniesSecurities Transfer Tax …
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Application number Aansoeknommer 1. General information Algemene inligting This application … Bank of Bouvereniging 5. General tax particulars Algemene belastingbesonderhede Value-Added …
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