The service we want to offer you

This is our service commitment to you for Tax, Customs & Excise.

Your rights

  • SARS will help you by providing service, responses, instructions and access to information and systems
  • SARS will be fair to you
  • SARS will respect your constitutional rights and privacy
  • SARS will provide you with ways to complain, object and appeal.

Your obligations

  • Be honest
  • Submit full and accurate information on time
  • Comply with all prescribed administrative processes and timeframes
  • Pay your tax and/or duties on time and in full, using the correct payment reference number(s)
  • Encourage others to pay their tax and/or duties on time and in full
  • Not encourage or be party to any corrupt activity or fraud in any form
  • Ensure that SARS has your correct personal information and payment details
  • Take responsibility for your tax affairs, even if you have authorised someone to act on your behalf
  • Show our staff respect just as they are expected to respect you. If someone else acts on your behalf, we expect the same respect from them.

Our service timeframes

The SARS Service Charter covers the following areas:
  • Engagement with SARS
  • Registration
  • Returns/Declaration
  • Inspections, Audit & Verification
  • Refunds
  • Payments
  • Debt
  • Disputes
For more details on our service timeframes, see the Service Charter.

How do I complain to SARS?

If you are unhappy with SARS’s service after following the normal processes, you may complain:
  • Through SARS eFiling or
  • At a SARS Branch (remember to make an appointment first) or
  • By calling the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277 or
  • By calling the SARS Complaints Office at 0860 12 12 16.
For more information see the SARS Complaints Process.

How do I complain to the Tax Ombud?

If you have exhausted all complaint processes in SARS or have compelling circumstances, you may lodge a complaint with the office of the Tax Ombud:

  • Call the toll-free call centre on 0800 662 837 or
  • Call +27 12 431 9105 or
  • Email [email protected]
For information, see the Tax Ombud complaint process.

Top tip
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 The service charter can be accessed in different languages on the links below:  


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