About Amukelani

Why I joined SARS?

I have always wanted to assist people and businesses with all their tax problems to ensure receiver of revenue is not cheated while people are doing their tax returns and being able to increase taxpayer’s compliance by educating and providing them with the best service, so that SARS can receive the highest amount of what is due to them and by doing so the government will have enough money to be able to run the country. Joining SARS gave me the opportunity to make that possible.

What SARS has done for my career so far?

Having a dream of working in a tax environment I needed a relevant qualification for my career path, SARS offered to pay for my studies (Honours in Taxation) to help make my dream come true and also gave me an opportunity to start my career with relevant working experience by offering me an opportunity to be part of their Graduate programme. Joining SARS will give me a chance to learn more about what I’m passionate about and therefore enhance my job profile greatly.

Would I recommend SARS?

I would definitely recommend SARS to someone as there are many opportunities, so much to learn and grow from as it is a diverse organisation, it encourages innovations and also your contributions as an employee to the organisation are recognized. I believe everyone would love to be part of this organisation.

How is the culture and has it been easy to adjust to the working environment?

Adjusting to the environment for me hasn’t been difficult because from the first day I knew I was in a place where I wanted to be and the environment being so welcoming made it easier for me. My values as an individual being in line with the SARS values has also played an important role in me adjusting fast.


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