About Rose

Why I joined SARS?

My journey with SARS started when I decided to study BCom Accounting honours with specialisation in taxation. I applied for the SARS bursary to study taxation with the vision of working for SARS as I believe in its core values and visions.
SARS is an organisation that values its people and maintains a very high standard of integrity.  It is performance driven, which guarantees growth, challenging and mentally stimulating career. SARS is a major role player in the South African economy; by being one of the graduates who are being trained I know I am also making a huge contribution to the economy.
There is a high retention rate at SARS, I know that if I work hard and give it my best there are possibilities that I end up being a permanent employee.
I have a passion for taxation and being trained at an institution that sets all the tax laws gives me a better advantage and knowledge of tax.
There are many divisions that one can move to at SARS; this broadens one’s knowledge base and creates a flexible career path.
SARS is an institution that gives back to the community through its pipeline development programs like the SARS bursary scheme for both employees and community at large. They also have community projects to help improve the lives of the citizens. This makes SARS a socially responsible institution.

What SARS has done for me in my career so far?

My honours studies at the University of Johannesburg were funded by SARS. It covered all my tuition and books costs. I believe this was a great initiative since it gave me a chance to pursue my dream career and now I am being trained by SARS to gain all the skills and experience necessary to thrive and be a success in a tax career. I really am grateful for these opportunities afforded by SARS.

Would I recommend SARS?

Yes, SARS is an employer of choice because it is an organisation that values its employees and their wellbeing. It develops its employees through training, employee bursaries and other incentives that help empower them. It has a safe and healthy working environment and their employees are well recognised and well awarded for their performance and their packages are market related. SARS graduates are also entitled to different kinds of leave even though they are not yet SARS employees

How is the culture and has it been easy to adjust to the working environment?

Since I just joined SARS recently, the SARS culture is well communicated with all the employees and it is on its core principles of honesty, fairness and integrity, courtesy and commitment. It is good culture and it encourages professionalism and a good work conductive environment where everyone respects fellow employees and has a spirit of humanity. This makes its employees enjoy the workplace and improves performance.


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