Correcting Registered Particulars of Government Institution

Here you will find clarity on the steps required to update registered particulars, including the representative employer and banking details of the government institution at the SARS branch and on SARS eFiling.
Please note that both channels need to be used when correcting registered particulars as the first process (visit to branch) compliments the second process (aligning the eFiling particulars to the information provided at the SARS branch).

Channel 1: SARS Branches

Step 1
The accounting officer of the government institution appoints a representative employer who will visit the SARS branch.
Step 2
The following supporting documents must be provided:
  • Letter on the letterhead of the government institution signed by the accounting officer indicating the name and address of the institution and the details of the representative employer;
  • Power of Attorney completed by the accounting officer indicating the details of the representative employer;
  • Original ID of the appointed representative employer who will visit the SARS branch and the ID copy of the Accounting Officer who completed the power of attorney and
  • A one page letter from the bank, and stamped by the bank indicating the banking details of the institution that is being used for the tax types that the institution is registered for.
Step 3
The representative employer makes an appointment online to visit the nearest SARS branch.
The representative employer receives confirmation of the appointment.
Step 4
The representative employer visits the SARS branch with the supporting documents and ensures the following is done:
  • Name of the institution is updated on all tax types
  • Representative employer is updated on all tax types
  • Tax products for all tax types are merged

Channel 2: SARS eFiling

When the registered particulars have been updated at the SARS branch, the details on the eFiling profile must be
aligned to what has been updated on the SARS system. The steps that follow will be performed on eFiling.
Step 5 (following from the above)
The eFiling administrator for the government institution logs onto the eFiling profile of the institution and adds the representative employer, who visited the SARS office in step 4, as an additional user. The eFiling administrator gives admin user rights to the representative employer and gives this person their 'institutional log in name' and password.
Step 6
The representative employer logs onto eFiling using the Institutional eFiling Profile. At the first log in, the representative employer will change the password provided by the eFiling administrator. The representative employer must now complete the steps to activate him/herself on eFiling as the representative employer.
a) The SARS Registered Details functionality is under the Organisations menu tab.

b) Select the 'Activate Registered Representative' tab under 'SARS Registered Details'.

c) The 'Activate Registered Representative' screen will be displayed. Select the applicable 'Activate Registered Representative' button to continue.

d) The 'Representative Declaration' screen will be displayed.
Once the declaration has been accepted, click the ‘Continue’ button to proceed with the registered representative activation. This role will allow the Representative to view and maintain all the registered details of the entity.
e) The 'Activate Registered Representative' screen below will appear.

f) If the Legal Entity information and eFiling User Details are all correct, complete your tax reference number and select 'Activate Registered Representative' button to continue.

If the Tax Reference Number is not captured, the screen requesting the user to capture the tax reference number will appear.

If the correct tax reference number has been captured, the screen below will appear:

g) If you are a Registered Representative of the entity according to the SARS records, the selection of the 'Activate Registered Representative' button will activate a request to upload and submit supporting documents as indicated in the screen below.

The documents used in step 2 must be uploaded. For more information please see the following guide: A Step by Step Guide to the Entity Merge Functionality on eFiling.
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