Client information system (Single Registration) and Public Officers

How to register?

With Client Information System, there are two simple ways that the activation of Public Officers (as a registered representative) can be done:
  • By a tax practitioner acting on behalf of the legal entity
  • By the Public Officer as a registered representative on eFiling.

What are the steps?

  • Log onto eFiling to complete and submit all returns (including income tax returns) on behalf of your company/entity.
  • Activate yourself as registered representatives on eFiling if your details have previously been correctly recorded on the SARS system. This you do by going to “Organisations”, then “SARS Registered Details”, then “Activate Registered User”. If your details have not yet been recorded on the SARS system, you will need to visit a SARS branch to update your details, if you are an LBC client then please contact LBC directly. Or use a Registered Tax Practitioner who will capture the company’s official representative details on your behalf. After that, you will still need to activate yourself on eFiling if you wish to use “Registered User” functionality.
  • Update and maintain the company’s registration details on the “Registration, Amendment and Verification” (RAV01) form on eFiling. This includes submitting new tax type registration applications.
  • Allocate Representative rights to additional users on the Company eFiling profile.
Users who have access to the Company’s eFiling profile and are not registered representatives, or have not been granted “Registered User” rights on eFiling, will be able to:
  • Log onto eFiling to complete and submit all applicable returns (including income tax returns) on behalf of their company/entity. This is an interim measure until SARS introduces the concept of a “Preparer” for all unregistered users (see above) at which stage they will no longer be able to submit returns on behalf of clients.
  • Update and maintain their company’s tax type specific registration details on the “Registration, Amendment and Verification” (RAV01) form, in accordance with the tax specific user rights in their eFiling user profile. This excludes submitting new tax type registration applications and updating a company’s Public Officer/registered representative’s details on eFiling. Users that have access to Income Tax in their profile will also be able to update entity registered details.

What are the rights of a Public Officer on eFiling?

As a designated representative of an entity, or a registered tax practitioner, you can activate a “registered user” role which enables you to view and maintain all registered details for that client. The user access rights are summarised in the table below:
Access Level
Non-registered eFiling user
Non-registered user
Income Tax access
Registered User
(Registered Tax
- Maintain product level registered details
- Maintain entity details
- Submit new tax type registration application
- Maintain representative details
Top tip: Anyone visiting a SARS branch can request that a SARS agent link their various tax types to their profile, which will give them a single view of their profile. An LBC client will have to do this via LBC.

What's next?

SARS will shortly also allow all eFiling users who are not “Registered Users” access to the RAV01 form, even if the representative details had not been captured on the SARS system, or if there are missing mandatory details of the representative.

This change will allow company users to submit their ITR14 returns and update registered details without the representative/Public Officer having to visit a SARS branch to correct their details on the SARS system.

Useful links

If you need more information on Client Information System, visit our pages below:



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