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What's New?

  • 1 June 2020 - THIRD PARTY DATA ANNUAL SUBMISSIONS: 01 April 2020 – 31 May 2020: CLOSED
    SARS Third Party Data Annual Submissions process for the period 1 March 2019 – 28 February 2020 opened on 1 April 2020 has now closed (31 May 2020).

    Thank you to submitting entities that have submitted their submissions by the due date. As of this morning, we have received 90% of the expected submissions.

    For those submitting entities that have not yet submitted, your submissions are late, and should be submitted without any further delay as you may be liable for penalties.

    Should you require assistance or experience any challenges while making your submissions, you are welcome to contact us by emailing at SARS Third Party Data Support ([email protected]).

  • 15 May 2020 – REMINDER! Third Party Data Annual Submissions: 1 March 2019 – 29 February 2020:
    Production Submissions ONLY 14 DAYS to the DUE DATE.
    You are encouraged to make your submissions ahead of the due date to avoid last minute challenges and potential delays.
    Should you require assistance or experience any challenges while making your submissions, you are welcome to contact us by emailing SARS Third Party Data Support ([email protected]).

  • 15 April 2020 ALERT! Third Party Data Annual Submissions for the period 1 March 2019 to 29 February 2020 is now open from 16 April to 31 May 2020. Should you require assistance or experience any challenges while making your submissions, you are welcome to contact us by emailing SARS Third Party Data Support ([email protected]).  

Submissions in respect of data files and declarations of the various reportable data types as detailed per Table 1 are now due.

Table 1: Submission Dates – 2020:

Data Type:​
Trade Test Platform Go-Live:
Production Submissions:
Applicable Business Requirement Specification (BRS):
​IT3 (b, c, e, s)
01 April 2020
​ ​ ​ ​
16 April 2020 –
31 May 2020
​Automatic Exchange of Information


Data submission due dates

  • For the six month period 1 March to 31 August – by 31 October
  • For the full year 1 March to 28/29 February – by 31 May.

Data submission and correction of submitted data

A maximum of 20 IT3(b), IT3(c), IT3(e), IT3(s) certificates can now be submitted on the IT3-01 form using eFiling.
Should you need to make a correction, data submissions can be revised on the channel initially used.
Top Tip: Please remember when revising your data submitted on the IT3-01 form; ensure that the record status field is selected as either “Correction” or “Deletion” across the sections of the form.

What are data submissions?

Institutions can submit IT3(b), IT3(c), IT3(e),IT3(s), Medical Scheme Contributions and Insurance Payments data types. These certificates are submitted for:
  • IT3(b) certificates report interest income from investments, rental income, dividends, royalties and other income that was due, paid or accrued to account holders. The IT3(b) has been updated to include the Withholding Tax on Interest (WTI) information. For more information, see Withholding Tax on Interest (WTI).
  • IT3(c) certificates report payments like proceeds from the sale of unit trusts and other financial instruments
  • IT3(e) certificates report income received by or accrued to clients from the sale or shipment of livestock, produce, timber, ores, minerals and precious stones. Bonuses and interest paid or accrued to the members of co-operative societies or companies are also be reported on an IT3(e) certificate.
  • IT3(s) certificates which reports on the Tax Free Savings/Investments. For more information, see Tax Free Investment Accounts.
  • Medical Scheme Contributions report on member and other demographics, contributions made by employers and employees towards a medical scheme as well as on benefits not covered, interest and refunds.
  • Insurance Payments report on member and other demographics and contributions made by members towards insurance.
The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is currently used to submit this data according to the file layout requirements specified. The file layout will be submitted on the Direct Data Flow channel which is available on the Modernised 3rd Party Data Platform page.

What must be done next?

Institutions planning to submit IT3(b), (c), (e), (s), Medical scheme contributions and Insurance payments data must:
  • Make sure the latest relevant BRS, which defines the data requirements, is used.
    Develop and update source systems in line with the applicable channel and the supporting data requirements as per the relevant BRS.

Need more help?

Should you need more help, please send an email to 3rd Party Data Support [email protected].

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