Tax and Urban Development Zones (UDZs)


Section 13quat was introduced to address the issue of urban decay within inner cities and to maintain existing infrastructure while encouraging investment in certain property. This section thus provides an accelerated depreciation allowance on the costs of buildings erected, added to, extended or improved and which are within the urban development zones (UDZ).  

How long is the incentive available?

The UDZ incentive has been extended to 31 March 2020. Municipalities will have the opportunity to apply for extension to the existing UDZs. These applications must be submitted to the National Treasury. 

What are the requirements to claim UDZ tax deduction?

A taxpayer will be eligible to claim a deduction if all of the following requirements are complied with:
There are rules and regulations which determine what you can claim and how to work out what the tax incentive will be. These include:
There are also certain documentation which must be submitted to SARS or retained for audit purposes. Find out more.
In the event that you want to object to a UDZ deduction being disallowed, the normal Notice of Objection process must be followed.
Queries relating to the interpretation of section 13quat may be forwarded to All other operation issues must be directed to the relevant SARS branch office
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