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​Q. How do I register my business on eFiling?

A. Please follow these easy steps to register for your business on eFiling:

i. log in on your individual eFiling profile,
ii. you will see 3 (three) dots on the left of individual tab,
iii. click on dots you will see Portfolio Management, Profile Settings and Search Taxpayer tabs,
iv. click on the Portfolio Management tab and then on Add Portfolio at the top right side.
v. Thereafter, Add Portfolio dialog box will appear on the screen. Fill in the business name and click dropdown arrow choose to portfolio type. Click on organisation.
vi. after that, click on the Go to Portfolio tab
vii. click on Organisation at the top of the screen
viii. then, click on the Register New tab on the left
ix. complete the details of your business
x. on the left, click on Organisation Tax Types tab and then select tax types and respective tax office, and
xi. Lastly, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on register. Then, your business registration request will be sent to SARS for review and processing.


​Q. How do I manage my business portfolio? 

A.  The Portfolio Management function is used to set-up business primary username, link portfolios, add portfolio, add clients and users.

i. Once you have logged on to eFiling:

    •  Select <My Profile> from the menu on the left
    •  Select <Portfolio Management>.
    •  The Portfolio Management screen will display for you to link, unlink, or add portfolios.

ii. After you enter the correct password, a message will display to confirm that the portfolio has been linked.

iii. You can set a default portfolio so that the sytem automatically displays this portfolio when you login instead of you having to select it each time. To change the default portfolio, click on the ellipses (dots) menu icon and then either select <Set as Default> or <Remove Default>.

    • You cannot have more than one default portfolio
    • Portfolios that are not linked cannot be set as a default profile.

iv. To change the portfolio type, click on the ellipses () menu icon and select <Change Portfolio Type>.
 Select the portfolio type (i.e. Individual / Tax Practitioner / Organisation) from the drop down menu and click on <Save>

    • You can have multiple Tax Practitioner and Organisation portfolios on your profile
       You can only have one Individual portfolio linked to your profile.

v. You can rename your portfolios for your ease of reference. Click on the ellipses () menu icon and select <Rename>. Insert the new description for the portfolio and click on <Save>.
vi. To link a new portfolio to your profile, click on <Add Portfolio>. On the pop-up screen, insert the portfolio name, select the <Portfolio Type> and click on <Add Portfolio>

    • You can choose to set the new portfolio as your default
    • You can add taxpayers and users to this portfolio.

​Q. How do I activate tax reference number (TRN) request service?

A. To register for the TRN request service, the reporting institution must be registered and activated for Corporate Income Tax (CIT) and/or Value Added Tax (VAT) and/or Pay As You Earn (PAYE) on eFiling. Only the eFiling administrator and/or registered representative (RR) of the reporting institution may activate the TRN request service. Entities that have been activated successfully for the TRN Request Service will be able to request or verify a single TRN, online via eFiling. To activate the TRN request service –

vii. Click Returns and Tax Reference Number Request.
viii. Click Activation and the Tax reference number request screen will display.
ix. Complete your organisation Tax Reference Number and include the motivation why the TRN service is required.
x. Once completed, click Activate and the following screen will display.
xi. Note that the status on the Tax Reference Number Request page will be “Awaiting Registration Verification”
xii. Once activated the status will change to “Successfully Activated”


​Q. Can I request TRN on eFiling?

A. Yes, follow easy steps below to request tax reference number on eFiling. Entities that have been activated for TRN can request or confirm a single TRN.

i. Click on Single TRN Request.
ii. The following fields will be displayed for completion:

  • TRN Reason – the reasons will be displayed depending if the eFiling profile is activated for both TRN and 3rd party data or only for TRN.
    • For Purposes of FICA requirement
    • For Purposes of RICA requirement
    • For Purposes of Employer to employee relationship (Payroll, annuities, pensions and lump sum benefits)
    • For Purposes of complying to SARS 3rd party data requirements (FATCA, CRS, IT3, Insurance payments, DWT, Medical Aid submissions and any future 3rd party submission that includes as a field tax registration number)
    • For Purposes of searching for a VAT vendor.

iii. PAYE Reference Number - Note – this field will only be enabled and be mandatory when the TRN reason, “For Purposes of Employer to employee relationship” has been selected. The PAYE number that is captured here MUST exist, be active and belong to the requesting entity, else the request will be rejected]
iv. TRN Request Type

    • TRN Request
    • TRN Confirmation

v. TRN Tax Type – the TRN reason selected will determine which TRN tax Type to display.

    • PAYE
    • VAT
    • Income Tax

vi. Nature of Entity – based on this selection, the relevant fields will be displayed on the TRN capture screen.

    • Individual
    • Individual Foreign
    • Company
    • Trust
    •  Other

vii. Identification Type

    • South African ID number
    • Foreign ID number
    • Foreign Passport number
    • South African Company/Close Corporation registration number
    • Foreign company registration number
    • South African trust registration number
    • Foreign trust registration number

viii. Once all the relevant fields have been completed for the TRN request, ensure that the declaration are read and selected, before submitting the request.

    • If you wish to SAVE the TRN request or confirmation, select the SAVE button. This entry can be retrieved via the Single TRN Request History function and then you can complete and submit the request at a later stage.
    • If you have not selected the Declaration, a warning message will be displayed once you select the Submit button. Click OK to proceed.

ix. One of the following messages will be displayed based on the information captured and what SARS results have on record:

    • Existing tax number found: 0000000000
    • “SARS confirms that the demographic details and the tax number supplied, belongs to the same entity”
    • “SARS confirms that according to our records the entity exists but the tax number is currently INACTIVE”
    • “The information you supplied cannot be matched to an entity on our records”
    • “The information you supplied cannot be matched to a unique entity on our records”
    • “The demographic details and the tax number supplied cannot be matched to the same entity”
    • The PAYE number you entered is either not ACTIVE or does not belong to the entity making this TRN enquiry. Please correct the information and resubmit.

​Q. How can I obtain tax clearance information?

A. Click herefor comprehensive tax clearance information.


​Q. Can I register for PAYE on eFiling?

A. Yes, can register for PAYE on eFiling. Visit https://www.sars.gov.za/TaxTypes/PAYE/Pages/How-to-register-for-PAYE-on-eFiling.aspx for more information relating to PAYE registration on eFiling.


​Q. Can I submit supporting documents online?

A. Yes, you can upload supporting documents online if you are register for eFiling. The upload requirements are as follows:

  • Documents must be in one of the following formats: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp and png.
  • Documents should not be empty, password protected or encrypted.
  • Documents may not be more than 5MB per upload and a maximum of 10 documents may accompany a single submission.
  • Document names should not include the characters ‘ or &;
  • No more than 10 submissions are permitted against a given case number.

​Q. How do I upload documents online?

A. SARS can request a taxpayer to submit supporting documents. These documents may help SARS to verify information provided by taxpayer to SARS. For more information, please visit https://www.sars.gov.za/FAQs/Pages/805.aspx.

​9 ​Q. What steps should I take if I am selected for an audit?

A. An audit is only deemed to commence once a formal Notification of Audit by a specific auditor is issued to the taxpayer. If relevant material (supporting documents) is requested in the Notification, you should submit the relevant material to SARS within 21 business days from the date on the letter. Alternatively, arrangements will be made with you to conduct a field audit at your convenience. Photocopy costs can be recovered from SARS where a field audit is conducted, provided that certain requirements are met.
The required relevant material will differ depending on the tax type and scope of the audit. Please note that SARS can also obtain relevant material from any third party.
The relevant material is preferred in electronic format and arrangements can be made for an Electronic Forensic Specialist to download these from your computer systems. If you are an eFiler, you can scan your relevant material and save them on eFiling. Log onto eFiling, upload your relevant material and submit them via eFiling. Please remember to click 'submit' in order to send the relevant material to SARS.
Alternatively, you can make arrangements with the SARS official indicated on the letter to collect the requested relevant material or to have it delivered.

​Q. How to access your “my compliance profile” (MCP) via SARS efiling?

A. Your compliance status will show your tax compliance in terms of registration, filing, payment and submission of all required documents.  Visit https://www.sars.gov.za/ClientSegments/Individuals/TCS/Pages/How-to-Access-MCP.aspx for more information.



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