Customs Sufficient Knowledge (CSK)

CSK has been put on hold until the New Customs Acts are operationalised in the future.

What's New?

What is Customs Sufficient Knowledge (CSK)?

  • Sufficient knowledge”, in relation to customs laws, guides, interpretive notes, operational manuals and practices, means the level of knowledge needed to achieve a score of at least 60 percent in the:
    • Customs Sufficient Knowledge Test; or
    • Customs Competency Assessment for Accreditation;
  • Customs Sufficient Knowledge Test means the test referred to in rule 28.24 and rule 29.47 (Chapter 28 and 29 of the CCA) to establish whether a person has sufficient knowledge of applicable customs laws, guides, interpretive notes, operational manuals and practices;
  • “Customs Competency Assessment for Accreditation” or “Competency Assessment” means an assessment administered by the customs authority to a person referred to in Chapter 30, rule 30.08 to establish whether that person has sufficient knowledge of customs laws, guides, interpretive notes, operational manuals and practices for purposes of accredited client status. 

When is CSK required?

  • Registration, Licensing and Accreditation applications are submitted in terms of the Customs Control Act, chapters 28;29 and 30;
  • CSK is a prerequisite when applications for registration and renewal or amendment of registration certificates are submitted for selected client types;
  • CSK is a prerequisite when applications for licensing and renewal or amendment of existing licenses are submitted to SARS for selected client types;
  • CSK is a prerequisite when applications for accredited client status and renewal or amendment of accredited client certificates are submitted to SARS for selected client types. 

Who requires CSK?

  • Applicants for registration as agents of non-local licensees or registered persons
  • Applicants for any of the following categories or types of licences:
    • Terminal licence;
    • container or air cargo depot licence;
    • public or private storage warehouse licence;
    • state warehouse licence;
    • tax free shop licence;
    • special shop for diplomats licence;
    • customs broker licence;
    • local carrier licence;
    • inward processing premises licence;
    • home use processing premises licence;
    • stores supplier licence; and
    • local courier licence.
  • Applicants for accredited client status

How does a person obtain CSK?

  • The applicant will have to register via eFiling for access to the CSK registration portal;
  • The applicant will then nominate himself/herself or an employee to take the CSK test;
  • The nominee must then accept the nomination via access granted to the company’s eFiling profile;
  • The nominee may then book for the applicable test via eFiling;
  • The nominee must then present themselves at the SARS Test venue on the confirmed test date;
  • The nominee must remember to bring their “One Time Pin (OTP) in order to access the test at the venue;
  • The nominee will then take the 2 hour open book test online and will immediately after completing the test receive his/her results electronically. 

General Provisions of CSK:

  • Any of the following persons may take the Customs Sufficient Knowledge Test:
    • If the applicant is an individual—
      • the applicant himself or herself; or
      • a person in the employ of the applicant authorised by the applicant to take the test; or
    • if the applicant is a juristic entity—
      • a person referred to in rules; or
      • a person in the employ of the applicant authorised by the applicant to take the test.
  • CSK credential is required for each client type requiring CSK qualification as a pre-requisite for registration, licensing or accreditation.
  • At least one person in the employ of the applicant must have CSK per client type.
  • There is no restriction on the number of times the test may be taken in order to achieve the score required to establish sufficient knowledge.
  • The score required for the test to establish sufficient knowledge is 60 percent.
  • A person who has successfully completed the Customs Sufficient Knowledge Test remains eligible for purposes of these Rules for a period of three years.
  • A person who has successfully completed the test may at any time before the expiry of that period repeat the test in order to continue to be eligible after the expiry of the period without interruption.
The above is subject to change as per amendments to the Act and/or rules as per the Commissioner.
Please click here to see which chapters of the Customs Control Act need to be studied for each particular client type test. The client types highlighted in red are the first who will be able to write the test when it goes live in May 2018. Please keep in mind that although we have given you a broad indication of which chapters relate to specific client types for the purposes of CSK, you are still obliged by law to know the entire Act/related Rules.
Top Tip: You will need to be a registered eFiler to use the CSK system. For assistance with eFiling registration, click here.
Disclaimer: The information contained on this webpage is intended as guidance only and is not considered to be a legal reference, nor is it a binding ruling. The information does not take the place of legislation and readers who are in doubt regarding any aspect of the information displayed on this webpage should refer to the relevant legislation, or seek a formal opinion from a suitably qualified individual.
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 Top FAQs

Under the new Act, how many client types will need to write a CSK test before they can be registered?
There are approximately 62 clients who will need to write the CSK test eventually, but for the first phase which involves RCG clients only, there are 24 client types.

Will traders receive new client codes? Will they have a code per client type?
Clients will maintain their Customs codes if they re-register as per their existing Customs codes.

Accreditation for Preferred Trader is a legislative requirement under Customs and Excise Act, 1964 and Customs Sufficient Knowledge under Customs Control Act, 2014. Can we use the results of CSK for PTP? Will Traders have to undertake both assessment
No we cannot use the results from CSK for PTP. PTP is under the 1964 Act while CSK is under the 2014 Act. By law, we will be migrating accredited clients to level 1 under the new Act. Current accredited clients will have to do the CSK

After successful completion of the CSK test, who retains accreditation between employer and employee?
Accreditation will remain with the employee and they can take it with them to their next job.

What if clients write it and move to another company?
The certification moves with them. If his previous employer doesn't let us know, SARS should become aware when he joins another company.