Closure of Sundry Excise Account

A decision has been taken to close the Sundry Excise Account (8130000006) over the weekend of 9 August 2014.
Over the past year, SARS has been introducing a new account management system at all Excise offices. As part of this new system, Excise clients are now allocated their own Financial Account Number (or FAN), against which their Excise returns (accounts) and payments are recorded. In addition to ensuring better financial management and a more secure way of operating, this allows licensees/registrants to access their account via eFiling, request statements of account and obtain transactional listings.
However, there were certain clients who didn't receive FANs as they hadn't yet followed a FICA authentication process, which is a requirement for being allocated a FAN. A temporary Sundry Account (8130000006) was created for those clients for them to continue to do business with SARS, until such time as they had gone into an Excise office and authenticated their banking details.
With most clients now having received a FAN, a decision has been taken to close down the sundry account over the weekend of 9 August 2014. All declarations made by clients that don't have their own FAN will be rejected after this weekend.
Top Tip: In addition to the closing down of the sundry account, clients won't be able to make a payment using the sundry Payment Reference Number (PRN), which is generated when clients don’t have a FAN.
Clients should take note of the first 10 digits of your PRN issued by SARS. If they are “8130000006” (the sundry PRN), then you are impacted. If clients do have a valid FAN as well as unpaid sundry transactions, SARS will repost the sundry amounts to the valid FAN (after this weekend’s implementation) in order for clients to make payment.
You are urged to follow a FICA authentication process at your nearest Excise office as soon as possible in order to ensure timely approval. You will need to bring in your ID document, proof of residential address no more than three months old and confirmation of banking details on an official bank letterhead with an original bank stamp as part of the authentication process. Once your banking details have been updated/authenticated, a FAN will be allocated to you automatically.
Top Tip: Failure to comply with the above instructions may result in non-/late payment of returns and the possible imposition of penalties and/or interest.
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