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Edge is Windows 10's default browser in the place of Microsoft's traditional web browser, Internet Explorer.

Unable to Open PDF Files in MS Edge?

The earlier versions of Windows platforms (Windows 7 or Windows 8) have a universal PDF supported that allow opening PDF files using Acrobat Reader, Adobe Acrobat, or Foxit Reader, or similar programs. But after making an upgrade to Windows 10, PDF files are automatically opened in PDF Explorer even if the Acrobat Reader is installed on the machine.

MS Edge remains the default PDF reader even if the user reinstalls Acrobat Reader in order to access the PDF files. The file can become inaccessible, and MS Edge may indicate some error messages. Edge users often face issues while opening PDF files in their browser.

Change the Default PDF Viewing Setting in MS Edge

Implement the following procedure to set the default PDF viewing settings in MS Edge:

Set MS Edge as the default program for opening PDF files

1. Reach Control panel, and open it.

2. On Control panel home, select Default Programs.

3. Select the “Associate a file type or protocol with a program”

4. Search for PDF entry, and select Change Program option.

When a pop-up appears on the screen, then select Microsoft Edge program to open PDF file.

Now, select and check on Always use this app to open .pdf.

Click OK to save the changes.

Switching to Acrobat XI /Reader XI

You may also change your default settings from MS Edge to Acrobat Reader XI, or similar program for opening PDF files. For this:

1. Select PDF file and then right click on it.Select PDF file and then right click on it.

2. Select Open with option, and click Choose another app.

3.Select Adobe Acrobat option, when the dialog box is displayed on the screen.

4. Check mark the Always use this app to open .pdf box to save the settings for future use.

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