Enhancements to eFiling and MobiApp

9 December 2019 - Enhancements have been made to the SARS eFiling and MobiApp platforms. These improvements are in line with operational changes that were identified to meet the strategic objectives of making it easier and less costly for taxpayers to comply with their obligations. increasing tax compliance and improving revenue collection as well as ease when it comes to dealing with SARS.

Both eFiling and the MobiApp now include one “inbox” where all SARS correspondence to registered eFilers can be accessed. All communication to your eFiling profile can now be found under the “SARS Correspondence” menu item. The search and filer capability has also been simplified to give taxpayers a better experience when using eFiling and the MobiApp.

Taxpayers using the MobiApp can now view their “My Compliance Profile” via their mobile devices whereas previously, this was only possible via eFiling on the web.

Our Chat Bot “Lwazi” is now accessible on eFiling and not only on the MobiApp, so taxpayers can ask Lwazi for help while online.

For tax practitioners, it is important to highlight that significant changes have been made regarding the Invite User functionality.

Invite User

SARS has enhanced the Add User process to apply an Invite User principle. This new principle requires Tax Practitioners or eFiling Administrators to invite Users who are already registered on eFiling to participate in managing a portfolio for given roles and/or access rights.

The function requires minimal details such as ID/passport number and surname, for an existing eFiling user. An SMS or email is sent to the invited user informing them of the invitation and the actions required. Once the invite is accepted, the user can access the portfolio and transact as usual.

The Invite User function only caters for individuals who are already registered eFilers. Where the invited user is not registered for eFiling, they must first do so using their income tax reference number.

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