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What is Help-You-eFile?

HelpYoueFile_ICON.jpgHelp-You-eFile on the SARS eFiling website allows you, the taxpayer, to ask a SARS agent to share your view of the eFiling screen on your personal computer.
This service will enable a SARS agent to view the same screen as you, to assist in identifying the problems you’re experiencing and to help you solve your problem. You benefit by being able to call on the support and advice of our staff without having to visit a SARS branch. You can even ask a SARS agent to call you back.

On which pages on eFiling is Help-You-eFile available?

While it is our goal to be of assistance to you throughout your eFiling experience, please note that for the moment, Help-You-eFile is only available for the following:
  • Individual Income Tax Return (ITR12) – only if you open your return with Flash Player on the Income Tax Workpage
  • Additional Payments
  • Additional Services.
  • Change own password
  • Disputes
  • Notice of Assessment (ITA34)
  • Other Services
  • Password reset
  • Payments
  • Returns History
  • Returns Issued
  • Returns Search
  • SARS Correspondence
  • Statement of Account (SOA)
  • Tax Calculator
  • User
  • Voluntary Disclosure Search
  • Registration
Currently, not all screens will be available to share; if they’re not available there will be a pop-up message on the page to let you know.

Is my information secure?

The SARS agent will not be able to control your eFiling screen, edit any information or view sensitive information (e.g. login name, password, answers to security questions, banking details and payment reference numbers). Therefore, the Help-You-eFile session is completely secure and the confidentiality of your information is assured. Your desktop and files will also not be accessible to the SARS agent.
You can start a Help-You-eFile session by clicking on the Help-You-eFile icon, either on the SARS eFiling login page screen or once you have logged into your eFiling profile.
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 Top FAQs

Will the Call Back functionality be available to all taxpayers?
No, it will only be available for taxpayers registered on eFiling.

Will you have to go through the SARS verification process when you call the SARS Contact Centre?
Yes, you will still go through the Integrated Voice Response (IVR) verification and authentication process.

What steps must I follow once I have called the SARS Contact Centre to start the Help-You-eFile session?
Once you have called the SARS Contact Centre, enter the unique session ID on the Integrated Voice Response (IVR) for a case number enquiry (option 2), a Tax enquiry (option 3) and a Help-You-eFile enquiry (option 5)

Do I have to log out of eFiling session to start the Help-You-eFile session?
No. You don’t have to log out. You do need to save all your information before you start your Help-You-eFile session.

Are there any terms and conditions regarding the usage of Help-You-eFile session?
Yes. There are terms and conditions regarding the usage of Help- YoueFile session. You must first tick the box to show that you have read the terms and