Tax & Divorce

On the finalisation of your Divorce there are important things you need to consider.
  • Divorce orders by the court may affect your tax situation especially relating to
    • Any jointly held property
    • Any joint business or partnerships from which you have had an income
    • Any pension arrangements
    • Any interest or rental income received (especially if you were previously married in community of property)
  • When submitting your annual income tax return (ITR12) you simply need to let us know that you’re not married any more. All you have to do is tick the “not married” box on your ITR12.

Top Tip: Separating assets at the time of divorce also has capital gains tax implications.

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 Top FAQs

Is maintenance paid in terms of a divorce court order taxable?
Any amount received by a spouse or ex-spouse by way of alimony or allowance or maintenance of such person under any judicial order, written agreement of separation or under any order of divorce, is exempt from normal tax under the Income Tax Act.