How to set up your primary username on eFiling and manage your portfolios

Follow these easy steps to set up your primary username. It will also show you how to manage your associated portfolios.
The steps below will cover:
  • Set-up your Primary Username
  • Linking a Portfolio
  • Adding a Portfolio
  • Adding clients to a Portfolio
  • Adding users to a Portfolio

A Primary User is a default username that is selected by the user to access eFiling. For more FAQs on this topic, click here.

To setup your primary username, follow the guide below:
Go to and click on 'Login' under SARS eFiling.

If you are logging in using a username that is not associated with your individual tax type, the following screen will appear:

Enter your password associated with the displayed username and click 'Login'.  You will now be routed to the Primary Login Credential Screen:
Select your default or primary username that you will be using in future. eFiling will only allow you to use one username in future.
If that primary username is different from what you have just used to log in, then you will have to capture the password associated with that username. 
Click 'Done'.
You will now be routed to the Welcome to eFiling page where you will be prompted to select your preferred method of communication.

Click 'Continue'.
You will receive a 'One Time Pin' (OTP) via the preferred method.
Enter the last six digits of the OTP and click 'Submit':

You will then be required to accept the Terms and Conditions.
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