Merging Tax Practitioner Profiles on eFiling

If a Tax Practitioner’s ID number is incorrect on the 'Confirm Practitioner Registration Status' page on eFiling, a new Tax Practitioner profile needs to be created, using the correct ID number. Once the new profile has been created, the two profiles will need to be merged. To however see how to add new clients to an existing tax practitioner profile, click here or how to obtain shared access with your tax practitioner, click here.

To create and merge two profiles, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Create a new Tax Practitioner Profile by clicking 'Register' on eFiling and select Tax Practitioner, and then simply compete all the information, including password security questions:

Merge 1.jpg

Merge 2.jpg

Step 2: Fill in your Company Details:

Merge 3.jpg

Top Tip: Don’t fill in the Types of Tax as these will be transferred once the merge has been completed:

Merge 4.jpg

Step 3: Click Register:

Your new profile will be created and you will be provided with your new login name.

Merge 5.jpg

Step 4: Login using the new details you’ve created:

Merge 6.jpg

Step 5: Then navigate to:

• Organisations
• Rights Groups and then
• Organisation Setup.

Merge 7.jpg

Step 6: Fill in the login name of the user with whom you want to merge, which you will find under Merge Request:

Merge 8.jpg

And click 'Request Merge'.

Step 8: A confirmation pop up message will appear. Click OK:

merge 9.jpg

A message will appear confirming the Merge request has been sent:


Merge 10.jpg
Step 9: Login to your previous profile.
Step 10: Then navigate to:
• Organisations
• Rights Groups and then
• Organisation Setup.
Merge 11.jpg
Step 11: Click Accept at the bottom screen:
Merge 12.jpg
Step 12: A confirmation pop up message will appear. Click OK:
Merge 13.jpg
Step 13: Login to the new profile created and check that all the taxpayers and users have been merged:
Merge 14.jpg


Need help?

  • If you need help while eFiling online, you can access Help-You-eFile, a free service available to all eFilers. Simply click on the Help-You-eFile icon on your eFiling login page or at any point during your eFiling session to be connected, quickly, to a friendly SARS agent who will help you.
  • Call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 SARS (7277).


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