Completing your Income Tax Return (ITR12) on the Smartphone APP

1. The Home screen will appear once you login.

2. A welcome message will be shown, select Next to continue.

3. The eFiling Work Page will be shown. Make sure all the relevant sections are completed.

Top Tip: If there is missing information, a red indicator will be shown next to the section that is incomplete.

4. Personalize Your Return – has the standard questions to populate all the relevant sections of your ITR12.

5. Taxpayer Information – is your personal, demographic information, Voluntary Disclosure, Bank Account Holder Declaration, Bank Account Details, Practitioner Details and Declaration information.

Top Tips:
• The Bank Account Holder Declaration must be completed.
• You will be required to complete the reason if you use a South African Bank Account of a third party, e.g. where the account is not in your own name.

• Make sure the date is completed on your declaration.

6. Employees’ Tax certificate – contains a summary, Employer Address Details, Income Received, Deductions/Contributions, Tax Withheld, Pay Periods and Directive Numbers information.
Top Tip: This information must match with your IRP5/IT3(a)s received from your employer/pension fund.

Top Tip: Errors will be shown continuously when information/details are entered incorrectly.

7. Taxpayer Income/Deductions – A list of the taxpayer income/deductions will be shown according to the selections made in the Personalize Your Return section.

Top Tip: Make sure you save your return before submitting it to SARS.
8. You can select Calculator Tax at the bottom of the screen to view an estimation of your assessment.

9. A summarised statement of account can be viewed on the eFiling App, after it has been requested via the eFiling website. This summary can be viewed with the notes.

10. Once you have successfully submitted your return and it has been assessed by SARS, the following screen will be shown. Select logout when you are done.

11. If you need to request a correction, in the case where the assessment is incorrect, select the return that you want to make changes too.

12. The ITR12 will be displayed with all the containers in the return as previously submitted. Tap the relevant section to change accordingly. Continue with the same steps as when you submitted your return the first time to complete.

13. An Inbox is available where you will be able to view notifications issued to you.
A survey will load after you have submitted your ITR12 and have logged out. Please complete the survey and let SARS know how you experienced the Smartphone App when you used it


Call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 SARS (7277) or visit your nearest SARS branch.
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