Some practitioners would receive new tax practitioner reference numbers and both the old and new numbers could be used until further notice. With the re-introduction of certain rights in eFiling, registered practitioners assigned new numbers will only be able to use the new number when activating a representative against a legal entity.

Top tip: This only effects this once-off process of activating representatives on eFiling Single Registration. In all channel interactions and other eFiling transactions, the old tax practitioner number is still valid.

There is no immediate need to change tax practitioner stationery or communicate the new number with your clients.

SARS plans to implement a system relaxation in the coming week or so to allow the use of the old number in the transaction where it is currently disallowed.


How do I get my new Tax Practitioner number?


If you are a registered practitioner (SARS and RCB) and require your new tax practitioner number, it can be found:
  • Included in your tax practitioner re-registration notification letter emailed to you.

  • Or in the RAV01 form on eFiling. On eFiling, log-in, select the following tabs in sequential order: Organization, SARS Registered Details, Maintain SARS Registered Details, and My Tax Practitioner Detail. Your new tax practitioner number will be displayed in the reference number field in the tax practitioner section of the form. Should you see your old tax practitioner reference number in that field, it means you will not be receiving a new number and should continue to use the number displayed in all transactions and interactions.

  • Or if you are unable to find your new tax practitioner reference number in either of the aforementioned ways, please call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 SARS (7277).



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