While downloading the latest version of the easyFile™ Employer, my anti-virus identified a virus and deleted any e@syFile™ Employer files already installed. Is there a virus on e@syFile™ Employer?

No, easyFile™ Employer  is not infected by a virus. Make sure you have set your anti-virus to accept e@syFile™ Employer.
Follow these simple steps:
AVG is the antivirus guard internet security software used by many.

Due to certain settings within AVG, you will need to add e@syFile™ Employer to the exceptions list in your advance settings in order to work without any further interference from the AVG.

Below is a detailed explanation on how to do this:

1) Open the AVG application Centre and press F8.
2) This will open the AVG settings screen and select under Identity Protection the Allowed list.
3) Now select Add.
4) Click Browse and follow the file path to the local store were the database is kept. Click Browse and follow the file path to the local store were the database is kept.

5) Select the “All files” option so you can see all the files in the local store.
6) Select each file in the folder one at a time until they have all been added and apply.

You can now safely open e@syFile™ Employer and work.

Should you still be experiencing a problem when opening the software for the first time, delete the database and restore the previous one that worked.

You should now be able to work without any further interference from the AVG.

Note: It is important to always backup your current information on your computer prior to installing a new version of e@syFile™ Employer to avoid the risk of potential data loss during the update process.

Should the problem still continue, follow these additional steps:

1. Ensure that your anti-virus software and signature files are up to date before downloading the e@syFile ™ software.

2. Make sure that all relevant and current security patches for the operating system used are installed on your desktop/laptop device.

3. In circumstances where the anti-virus software does quarantine the e@syFile ™ software, you should release the software from the quarantine and complete the installation as per normal.

Please contact your IT Department for further assistance should you need additional anti-virus software programmes or upgrades.
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