How do I migrate duplicate certificates on [email protected]™?

On the old [email protected]™ application, multiple certificates with the same certificate number may exist for periods 2009 and 2010.

When migrating to the new [email protected]™ version, only one of the duplicate certificates can migrate to the new application.

[email protected]™ will during the migration process only migrate the last submitted certificate to the new version.

Example of the process:

User selects to restore a DB from an older backed up database:



Once the user has successfully restored the database and the user selects a company restored, [email protected] migrates the data to the new data structure. 

easyfile dup 1.jpg

User selects the Employer and the application migrates the old data to the new DB structure: 

The application identifies that duplicate certificates were identified during the merge process.
The application only migrates one of each of the duplicate to the new DB.

easyfile dup 2.jpg

The application creates a file that is available to the user to see the list of the duplicates that was not migrated.

 easyfile dup 3.jpg


easyfile dup 4.jpg

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