​Since the IT14SD form has format, will SARS accept the IT14SD complete in the old format and will SARS grant an extension for submission for IT14SD?

  • SARS communications will notify the public in advance with regards to the cut-off dates for submission of the old format IT14SD and the details pertaining to the new format IT14SD.
  • After the cut-off date, the old format IT14SD will no longer be accepted by SARS and all postal submissions will be rejected. The Company will receive a rejection letter accompanied by the IT14SD submitted in the old format and will have to re-submit the information on the new IT14SD format  and visit the nearest SARS branch to have the IT14SD captured.
  • Yes, the IT14SD will  be pre-populated with the following minimal information:
    Income Tax Ref No: Income tax reference number of the Company
    Case No.: Represents the case number assigned by SARS to the    verification as referred to in the “Verification of Income Tax Return”    letter.
    Year of Assessment: Represents the relevant year of assessment for     which the verification is requested as indicated in the “Verification of Income Tax Return” letter.
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