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These forms are intended to include those forms to be used by taxpayers for legal matters and not to be a full record of SARS Forms.

The search function Find a Form on the right-hand side of the screen may be used if you're looking for any other form not displayed here.

Foreign Tax Recovery Assistance

Section 185 of the Tax Administration Act, 2011, makes provision for the recovery of revenue on behalf of foreign governments:

Read more about where it should be submitted on Foreign Tax Recovery Assistance

Urban Development Zone Forms

Power of Attorney Forms provided by SARS

All the SARS Power of Attorney forms are templates provided as options for taxpayers who do not have access to any other Power of Attorney forms for dealings relating to tax matters specifically.


Power of Attorney forms  presented to the SARS branches should be original documents, with the exception of overseas taxpayers. These forms must be presented within its validity period, which could be anything between one month and 24 months, containing the required information and duly signed by the person transferring his/her authority to someone else to act on his/her behalf. 

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