PRETORIA, Friday 29 March 2019 - SARS Customs operations at ports of entry, especially borders, have been without major interruptions.
All Customs border posts are operational with the contingencies that have been put in place. Customs has received great support from law enforcement agencies across all border posts, especially from the South African Police Service, and this resulted in minimal impact on them. SARS assessed media reports, which highlighted a number of trucks piling up at a land border, which could have been attributed to normal traffic and not the strike, as trucks wait for clearance before proceeding.
SARS advised the neighbouring countries, Southern African Development Community (SADC) and Southern African Customs Union (SACU) of the impending strike a few days ago, so that they are not caught by surprise. There has been no impact on them.
There were isolated attempts to intimidate staff members and to disrupt the flow of traffic at border posts, but the situation was swiftly dealt with by the SAPS. One SARS official was arrested at the Lebombo border post, and we are not aware of any other incidents or delays.
With regard to SARS branches, SARS is continually monitoring developments at all sites, and updates can be accessed via our website and twitter feed @sarstax. Details regarding branch services, as well as what to do if you cannot access a SARS branch, services are also available on these platforms.
Out of 53 SARS branches throughout the country, 33 have been closed due to poor turn out of staff. The South African public is encouraged to use alternative payment mediums:
For Tax payments:
  • At a bank branch;
  • EFT; or
  • Via eFiling.
For more info on Tax payment options, visit How do I Pay webpage.
For Customs payments:
For more info on Customs payment options, visit Customs Payments webpage on
With respect to any outstanding debt queries and deferred arrangements, requests may be sent to the following email addresses:
• for Alberton branch (including Nigel, Germiston, Brakpan, Boksburg, Benoni, Vereeniging and Springs)
While SARS recognises the constitutional right of workers to strike, it is equally cognisant of the state’s obligation to ensure that it has adequate resources to provide citizens with access to healthcare services, sufficient food and water, social support, housing and basic education.
SARS is doing everything in its power and affordability to resolve the dispute.
SARS has obtained an interim Labour Court order interdicting Labour Union members from picketing in places other than those specified in the CCMA Picketing Rules issued on 18 March 2018. This follows illegal picketing and several gatherings that took place outside the agreed upon areas, namely, SARS Head Office in Brooklyn, Pretorius and Alberton Campus.
SARS and Organized Labour are meeting today, Friday, 29 March 2019 at the CCMA to engage in formal discussions in a bid to amend the Picketing Rules.

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