SARS responds to Tax Ombud’s findings

Pretoria, Monday 4 September 2017 – SARS is committed to its role as an efficient and effective tax authority, and we appreciate the Tax Ombud’s recognition that we cooperated with the Tax Ombud in this inquiry.
1. It is important to note that the Tax Ombud’s finding was made in relation to less than 1% of all the refunds that SARS processes.
2. SARS appreciates and welcomes the Tax Ombud’s finding that SARS’s risk interventions are justified and effective. The Report notes that almost R35-billion of unwarranted refunds would have been paid out if SARS’ interventions were not in place.
3. To date, SARS has implemented certain corrective measures, and is committed to continue to do so in order to close the gaps identified in the Tax Ombud’s report.
4. It is unfortunate that the Tax Ombud has arrived at the conclusion that the obstacles are systemic in their nature, as they are the exception rather than the rule.