Pretoria, 6 June 2016 - The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has noted a few incidents of scam artists that pretend to be representatives from SARS that have approached unsuspecting small businesses enterprises to demand ‘outstanding payments’ on undeclared taxes.

Over the last few months, there has been a few incidents that have been reported to SARS of scam artists that have demanded money to wipe off debts.

Taxpayers and traders with outstanding accounts must directly resolve the matter with SARS.

Those with queries are encouraged to contact the SARS Contact Centre at 0800 00 7277 (0800 00 SARS) to validate their status for SARS to engage them. Also, tax payers should report any suspicious activity at our Anti-Corruption and Fraud Hotline at 0800 00 2870 toll free.

All outstanding tax, VAT or duties must only be deposited directly into SARS bank accounts.

No money should be paid over to debt collectors or self-proclaimed SARS officials. In fact, collectors who want money to be handed over to them must be immediately reported.