While downloading the latest version of the easyFile™ Employer, my anti-virus identified a virus and deleted any e@syFile™ Employer files already installed. Is there a virus on e@syFile™ Employer?
No, easyFile™ Employer is not infected by a virus. Make sure you have set your anti-virus to accept e@syFile™ Employer.

​I get a 'duplicate' status on reconciliation when there are no changes in the figures declared on the EMP501on e@syFile?
A reconciliation consists of multiple documents which can include a combination of the EMP501, IRP5/IT3(a) and EMP601. Updates made on these documents may or may not affect the figures declared on the EMP501.

Is it possible to increase your ETI liability or utilised amounts from what was initially declared?
No, you are not allowed to increase your ETI liability or utilised amounts from what you initially declared. This is according to legislation.

What to do if the EMP501 reconciliation was submitted for the incorrect period?
If you have submitted your 201608 EMP501 reconciliation, but you selected the 201702 period by mistake, the system will not allow you to capture and submit any EMP201 returns for the months of September 2016 to February 2017.

Will the system allow a person to claim backdated ETI in recons prior to 1 March 2017?
From 1 March 2017 the employer cannot claim backdated claims for periods prior to 1 March 2017. The last month available to the employer to make that claim was February 2017 EMP201 return.

My EMP201 return is overdue, how can I claim ETI for the period?
When an original EMP201 is requested and the due date for the period requested has passed, the ETI calculated and ETI utilised fields will be locked. The following message will be displayed “ETI may only be claimed in the current period”.

My EMP201 indicates that I am non-compliant. How can I rectify it?
You can check your reason for non-compliance on the My Compliance Page on eFiling. Your My Compliance Page will list all outstanding returns and debt. You can resolve the non-compliance by submitting the relevant returns or make the necessary payments.

I have difficulty with downloading e@syFile?
It is possible that your browser is not supporting the Adobe Flash format of the e@syFile download page. To see how to enable your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and more), see our Browser Compatibility guidelines.

e@syFile is unable to do a full installation on computers that have BitDefender as their Antivirus?
Disable the bit defender antivirus programme and add e@syFile onto the programmes exceptions list (Part 1). Follow the steps below: •Start by bringing up the Bitdefender interface

Getting a secure login error on e@syFile?
If you are getting a secure login error when trying to do the following on e@syFile: • submit their recon using the online submission option on e@syFile, • when they try to pull a PAYE Statement of Account,

I am trying to submit EMP201 and I receive an error below and yet my compliance profile shows that I am compliant?
You need to Request the Return again and you will get the message that the return already exists. There will then be an option to click Refresh Data as well as Refresh Historic Data. Both must be selected.