What is Securities Transfer Tax?
It is a tax levied on every transfer of a security. Only the following securities are taxable: - within the borders of the Republic; and -outside the Republic,

What constitutes a "security" for the purpose of Securities Transfer Tax?
Share or depository receipt in a company; or -Member's interest in a close corporation.Note: The inclusion of "any right or entitlement to receive any distribution from a company or

What was the implementation date of Securities Transfer Tax?
Securities Transfer Tax Act, No. 25 of 2007, together with the Securities Transfer Tax Administration Act, No. 26 of 2007, have been implemented with

What is the rate of Securities Transfer Tax?
The tax rate is 0, 25%, to be applied to the taxable amount in respect of any transfer of a security.

What is the taxable amount on which Securities Transfer Tax is payable?
Purchase of listed securities through or from a member: -The consideration for which the security is purchased. Transfer of listed securities by a participant or in any other manner: -The amount of the consideration for the security declared by the